Loki’s Castle

In Loki’s Castle, players solve primordial puzzles as Loki, the cutest single-celled life-form in the ocean.

Play as Loki, eternally optimistic and friendly gelatinous single cell-about-town. Loki loves to make friends, getting slightly too close, occasionally leaping on them and absorbing their abilities.

But the reviled and, frankly, poorly accessorized Phis will do anything to stop Loki from discovering the secret of multi-cellular life!


Dozens of challenging levels to solve
Evil, and with little fashion sense, Phis is protecting the secret of life
Learn to absorb the abilities of the many deep-sea creatures to solve the levels
The Kliques? They are judging you. Cyto is a total blast. Walsby is just anti-social.


  • Art and visual design by Connie Choi
  • Gorgeous music and sound design by Janal Bechthold
Available for iOS and Android
  • Follow the story of Loki, trying to foil traps set by Phis and discover the meaning of life!
  • Programming by Gabi Kim-Passos and Andrew Traviss


Kimono was designed with all audiences in mind. It is rates 4+ (iOS) and Everyone.


Challenge yourself! Challenge your friends! Evolve your brain!