Since 2013 we’ve been opening our minds, spreading them out like picnic blankets, and inviting partners to come, sit, and share their quirky ideas with us

Sticky Brain Studios is
All About Experimentation

We’re a team of curious, big-thinking, value-driven creators who can take your digital content anywhere you want it to go (no, really – the ocean, a space station, an imaginary secret lair – anywhere!)
We make immersive games and apps and all sorts of creative content that help our partners not just reach their audiences, but really connect with them.

We're Fun

Our creativity is unrestrained, our ideas big, and our partnerships immersive. We dive deep into all the bright, weird, mysterious universes our sticky brains can dream up, and then build them as digital toys so our players can come along, too.

We're All In

Our values are at the heart of what we do: championing inclusion by making games for people overlooked by the mainstream market; encouraging growth with educational elements and positive messaging; and working with diverse voices and perspectives.

We’re Fantastic Gamers

We love big, wild, silly ideas and making them come to life! Whether it’s a giggly game about squishy little pugs who need bubble baths, a relaxing escape to dress up beautiful dolls in colourful kimonos, or a mystery about the adventures of a time-travelling cat, we’re on board.

Our graphics are bright, our stories gripping, and our music exciting because we think gameplay should inspire joy and wonder for everyone from preschoolers to grandmas.

Come Play with Us!
We Can’t Wait to Meet You!


Sasha Boersma

Co-Founder & Producer

Sasha spends most of her day buried in numbers, contracts, and pondering business opportunities. Then she escapes to her dog Totoro, one of the fluffiest dogs you’ll ever see.

Ted Brunt

Co-Founder & Producer

Ted played Pong on an actual arcade console. Both of them should probably be in museums. He helps creative people...create.

Connie Choi

Creative Lead

From pugs to dragons to single-celled creatures, Connie makes them come alive! She has been known to sneak her pet turtles into a game or two…

Deborah Chantson

Writer/Narrative Design

Deb uses words to create (playable) art. Types fast, talks faster. Is an amazing cook.

Gabriela Kim Passos


Gabi is happy to talk about many things, from problem solving to describing code to food. We know Gabi is nearby when we hear Zelda ring tones (the original, yes).

Hooman Rowshanbin


The calmest developer ever known, Hooman makes magic with code!

Janal Bechthold

Composer/Sound Designer

When Janal isn’t winning awards for her amazing work in film and television, she creates stunning soundscapes for our games.

Joan Lee


Joan is one of the most organized creatives we know. She’ll be testing new art styles, then speedily pull together UI. For fun she dog sits and sells her creations at cons!

Victor Omoyele

Marketing Coordinator

Victor lets everyone know about our work - when the Raps aren't in town

Maryama Ibrahim

Social Media Creator

While Maryama finishes her studies in Interactive Media, she makes our social media feeds beautiful!

Riley Taylor-Ryan

Artist & Animator

Riley brings his exuberant talent to help us with all the things we need done for Rooster!