Kimono is a tranquil dress-up game that will take players on a gentle journey through landscapes, seasons, and fashion.

Without pressures, goals, or prizes, players’ creativity has room to stretch: they can personalize cute kokeshi dolls to dress in beautiful kimonos ranging from modern and funky to intricate and traditional. Accented with serene music and imagery, Kimono is a soothing break from a busy world.


Kimono’s intuitive interface lets players immerse themselves immediately.
Choose a season and a setting, place a kokeshi doll within it, and let your mind begin to wander.
Build a beautiful kimono all the way from the pattern of the obi to the colour of the haneri and the symbols on the kimono itself.
Scroll through colours, facial features, and emotions. Style your doll’s hair and give them a headpiece.


  • Unleashes endless creativity: millions of design possibilities
  • Background art is inspired by Hiroshige and Hokusai
  • Beautiful music by award-winning composer Lynn Yang
  • Art by award-winning artist and illustrator Connie Choi
Available for iOS and Android
  • Dolls have diverse body shapes
  • Over 40 hairstyles and accessories to choose from
  • Kimonos are styled after the Meji period
  • 16 patterns to customize for each season


Kimono was designed with all audiences in mind. It is rates 4+ (iOS) and Everyone.


Nearly endless creative options. Dress up your creativity!